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Often not at home or in the office? Insignificant for which reason. We help you be able to collect your mail with a web based E-Mail adress on the whole world. Find a Trusted Client on more than 50 countries in the world.
That's a "Pick-up-Point" for your mail you can trust.

Our business goal

Trusted Client provides for his members a special configurated Internet Browser. The liability offers to a user, that his questioned mail remain not stored on this client  in temporary files of the computer and his password and his User ID aren't abused by others.  Also only definite domains about this client can be gone to.

Contact information

We are virtually organized. For that reason please contact us by E-Mail. Write the purpose of your contact into the subject of the mail, so that it could be routed direct to the responsible person.

Home Adress (Snail Mail)
General Informations: Dietrich.Lueben@FFB.Org
General Sales Manager:
Customer Services:
Webmaster: Dietrich.Lueben@FFB.Org